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Self-Rainbow Hair to Try out and Tips to Make It Look Even More Natural


Unicorn? Rainbow? You name it. 

Gradient hair colors was a trend back and even though it's not much seen nowadays, nice hair colors will never be unwelcome. Now, with the trend of self-hair styling, these gradient hair colors are not hard to be done on your own anymore.

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With purchasable easy-to-use hair dyes, we can basically mix-and-match any colors we want to our hair to get our very own styling. To make it even better, here are a few tips to take note of for a natural gradient look. 

1. Comb the places the colors meet for the dye to blend in naturally to the next color. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Made in Mia 미아Screenshot

2. At places where your brush doesn't reach that well, for example, the inner parts of your hair and the baby hairs on the side, remember to directly go over them once again with your hands. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Made in Mia 미아' Screenshot

Bonus Tip: Shampoo your hair and totally dry them before dying your hair. With that, the dye gets absorbs much better. 

Check out the tutorial right above!

Source: [Youtube] Made in Mia 미아

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