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Want to Have a Flat Tummy in Just a Month? Here are 3 Ways to Achieve It


Bid your tummy farewell in just a month. 

When you have occasions where you need to fit in a dress or a body-hugging top, attire, everything could be perfect but your tummy may just appear to kill the show. However, you need not worry about having it for life as there are ways to flatten time and here’s 3 ways to achieve it in just 1 month. 

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1. Detox 

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Drink a glass of warm water with a small amount of lemon juice immediately after waking up. This will help to remove any unnecessary waste from your body. 

2. Exercises that help in reducing the size of your waist

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Skipping rope on a soil ground actually increases the effect of the exercise by 3 times, which effectively helps in reducing the size of your waist in the run.

3. Massage your tummy 

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Fist both of your hands and place it on top of your tummy before circling it in a clockwise direction. Then, with both palms, press your tummy downwards. This helps to circulate the digestive system in your body.

Source: [Youtube] Emily Enns

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