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Wonder How Ailee Lost 10Kgs in a Month? Here`s Her Diet Plan for You to Follow when in a Hurry to Shed Some Weight


500kcals and below does the trick. 

Ailee's diet method was the talk of the town when the singer was seen to have shed a significant amount of weight and with that, her meal plan naturally garnered attention too. Sticking to 500 kcals and under per day on her food intake, here's how her meal plan looks like.

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Image Source: 다이어트신

Sticking mainly to vegetables, fruits, and chicken breast, the diet plan will give you a total amount of calories intake of less than 500 per day. This diet plan will still require you to exercise to prevent a yoyo-effect.

This dieting method will be suitable for those who are in a hurry to lose weight in a short amount of time for an important event or day but due to its really low calories intake and the nutrients you can get from this set of diet plan, it's not recommendable to be done long term.

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)

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