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Can`t Choose Best Eyeliner Style for Yourself? Here`s How You Can Make the Decision in No Time


Find the best fit for your eyes!

Some of us may be new to drawing eyeliner and some may just want to change a style. How do we identify what is the right style of eyeliner on our eyes? Through the tutorial above and the detailed explanation on the type of eyes that could be one of ours, listen out to the type of eyeliner that fits you best! 

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Also, with a simple demonstration on a real model at the later part of the video, we will be able to catch the points we are to look out for when actually drawing it too!

Image Source: Youtube 함경식 ハムギョンシクHamkyungsik Screenshot

Check out the tutorial above and try it out! 

Source: [Youtube] 함경식 ハムギョンシクHamkyungsik

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