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Let This `3-3-3 Rule` Make Your Diet Habits MUCH Easier for You


It's only for 3 days!

Dieting is a long journey for many and it gets tiring over time, especially when you see no end to it. Going through the hard work to see your desired result but having it turning into nothing overnight just because you wanted a break?

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Here's a '3-3-3 Rule' for dieters to stick to with all in just 3 days to have a make sure your hard work stays intact.

1. Exercise in 3 days

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The muscles that are being built through the personal training, yoga, and pilates needs to be worked on after 3 days or else, those hard work you put in will just be going down the drain.

2. Avoid alcohol for 3 days

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Your weight decreases the day after you drink but a drastic increase is what you will face the day after that. That's why you will need to give your body time to readjust itself before you consume any alcohol.

3. Fast for 3 days

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If you experience a weight increase after overweighting, you simply just need to go on a little fast for 3 days. Fasting doesn't mean completely not eating but eat a controlled portion. 

Try these rules on your own! 

Source: [Youtube] Vermouth J

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