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Shed Weights Through a Different Eating Method? Here`s 5 Ways to Start Correcting Your Eating Habits


5 ways to take note of during your meals that will help in losing weight. 

Sometimes, it isn't the amount or the things we eat that completely causes the additional weight put on ourselves but it could be just the way we enjoy our food that is the main culprit behind it. Adding more vegetables when you enjoy your meat, put away the Kimchi when helping yourselves with some ramen, check out the list right below.

1. Wrap your pork belly or grilled meat with more vegetables. 

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Doing a 50-50 with your grilled meat with the approximately same amount of vegetable, you will be able to take in more nutrition as well as helping in increasing the sense of fullness. Also, try not to have it to salty by lessening on the amount of salt or sauce. 

2. Put away the Kimchi when you are having ramen

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A bowl of ramen has approximately 2000mg of sodium however if you add Kimchi to it, the sodium increases tremendously and that does not help to your weight. Try not to have it too salty too, better with lesser soup in it. 

3. Multigrain rice

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Mixing your white rice with barley, bean etc will increase the amount of protein the rice provides and your sense of fullness will go on for a longer period of time. 

4. Snacking

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Instead of taking out a piece of snack from its container or plastic bag when you have them, have it on a plate instead where you are able to control the amount of intake. Also, instead of having it with carbonated drinks or juices, have it be water or some tea. 

5. Time you eat 

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Don't starve yourselves, you will end up eating more when you do. Try to eat once every 3-4 hours. When you are hungry, go for cherry tomatoes, soybeans or low-fat milk instead. 

Try to look out for these habits on your own! 

Source: [Youtube] 맛있는 녀석들 (Tasty Guys)

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