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Want to Decrease Your Food Intake Without Forcing Yourself? Here are 4 Ways to Do So


Here are 4 effective ways to help you to decrease your food intake comfortably. 

It's always a pain to have to decrease your food intake when you are literally still hungry. So, instead of forcing yourself to bear the hunger when there is still food for you to munch on, why not help yourself to reduce your food intake naturally and comfortably with these easy methods?

1. The size of your plate

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By reducing the size of your plate, your plate will look full despite it being only a portion of the usual amount you take.

2. Water

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Have a good cup of water 30 minutes before your meal. With that, it will help you to reduce your hunger and increase the level of fullness despite the small amount of food you ate.

3. Eat the food you desire

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Cutting down many of your favorite food is one of the points that results in a failed diet as it makes you eat more of it when you lose control. Add your favorite food to your meals too but instead at a controlled amount. Enjoy your diet. 

4. Eat slowly

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It's good to make sure your meal last up to at least 20 minutes as our brains only send a signal to our body that we are full, 15 minutes after our meal.

Try them out now and have an enjoyable diet! 

Source: [Youtube] tvN Drama

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