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Monitoring Your Calories Intake? Here`s a Series of Diet Meal Plans Under 500kcal to Help You Out


500kcal diet meals to help you through your process. 

Calories count is sure one of the critical elements in one's diet process, it varies according to the food that one takes in. The amount of calories doesn't necessarily depend on the amount of food one takes but the kind of the food instead. For example, the calories of a common full-size cucumber at 100g is barely 10% of the rice calories at the same weight.

Calories controlling is, of course, not easy and tiring so here's a few meal plan you can try out that will help you keep your calories intake in line. 

1. Salmon meal plan - 405kcal

Image Source: Instagram 'syn_bin'

- Broccoli (45kcal) + Raw salmon (180kcal) + Whole wheat bread (80kcal) + Fruit & Vegetable salad (100kcal) = 405kcal

2. Boiled Eggs meal plan - 455kcal

Image Source: Instagram 'syn_bin'

- A cup of low fat milk (100kcal) + 3 Boiled eggs (240kcal) + 4 Celeries (15kcal) + One banana (100kcal) = 455kcal

3. Korean Meal meal plan - 435kcal 

Image Source: Instagram 'syn_bin'

- Sliced radish (40kcal) + 2/3 bowl of multigrain rice (180kcal) + Beef bone soup (190kcal) = 430kcal

4. Sweet Potato meal plan - 475kcal

Image Source: Instagram 'syn_bin'

- Plain yogurt (130kcal) + One sweet potato (180kcal) + Vegetable salad (80kcal) + One boiled egg (75kcal) = 475kcal

Try these meal plans out now! 

Source: [Youtube] Marie Claire Korea

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