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Sick of Your Bangs? Try These Two New Stylings for Your Bangs to Fall in Love with It All Over Again


Fall into the charms of your bangs all over again with the help of this 2 new stylings! 

Bangs is common for females nowadays, not only on young ladies but grown ups too. However, with only one most common way to style one's bangs, which is to curl it up for the volume, it's no wonder one would get sick of it in a matter of time. Still, bangs that are like seen as their main element on their hair, giving it up is definitely a big NO.

Image Source: Youtube '하이예나 Hiyena' Screenshot

If you are one of them, fear not as these two stylings for your bangs are here to make you fall in love again. 

Check out the tutorial above and try it out! 

Source: [Youtube] 하이예나 Hiyena

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