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6 Food with High Calories You Can Actually Eat While Dieting With No Worries


These foods bring good to your body instead. 

We would all agree that calories are one of the things that we tend to keep in mind during any form of diets, especially those which concerns food. However, not every high calories food would result in an increase in the number you see on the weighing scale. Check them out right below! 

1. Banana

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Helps in constipation as a form of soluble fiber full of pectin as well as fructo-oligosaccharide. The amount of water in this fruit will help in the level of fullness after consumption. 

2. Peanuts

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Averagely at 569kcal per 100g, it's a lucky thing that this nut is filled with a good amount of unsaturated fatty acid while helps to make up for the lack of fats during a diet. However, it's not advisable to mix it with other food neither overeating.

3. Meat 

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A must-need food during a diet, it helps to increase the level of fullness with its consumption. 

4. Sweet potato 

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This high-calories food decreases the speed of fat adsorption through the food we eat. Even with the same amount consumed, you will gain lesser weight with its help. 

5. Red bean ice dessert with a slight alteration to its ingredient

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Instead of the condensed milk with a high level of sugar, exchange it out with low sugar milk; Honey instead of sugar and fresh fruits rather than canned fruits. 

6. Pasta

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Pasta has always been misunderstood to have a high level of calorie but instead brings effectiveness during a diet. Even though pasta is made up of 66% of starch, its rate of absorption is slow while high on its combustion rate. Therefore, it doesn't accumulate easily into your body. 

Time for you to try out too!

Source: [Youtube] 알냥 R.nyang

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