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Sleeping Diet? Here are 6 Tips to Lose Weight Even When You are Asleep


Loosing weight while sleeping? Check out how is it possible to do that. 

Dieting is commonly known to be done through exercises that requires one to sweat and be in an uncomfortable position or in another way, through your food intake. However, not many know that one could actually shed some weight during their sleep too. Here are 6 tips for you to try out a 'sleeping diet.'

1. Sleep nude

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Your body will burn calories to maintain a suitable body temperature during your sleep. 

2. Sleep with a proper posture

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Sleeping only on one side will cause your hips to be twisted, which will screw up your body so try to sleep by lying down properly. 

3. Light exercises before sleeping

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Our body's metabolism rate last for approximately 16 hours after exercising therefore calories in your body could be burned more effectively after some light exercises before falling asleep.

4. Sleep for more than 8 hours

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When you get an insufficient amount of sleep, it will lead to a decrease in the hormones to surpress your appetite and you won't be able to easily feel satiated. Therefore, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is necessary! 

5. Sleep in a dark room 

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According to a research done at the Oxford University, 20% more females who sleep in bright rooms are obese. Bright lights prevents melatonin from being produce and decrease the quality of sleep too. 

6. Breathe through your nose

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Oxygens are not received in some parts of the body when you breathe through your mouth as compared to your nose and with that it decreases your metabolism rate all together. 

It's time for you to try out this sweat-free diet now! 

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