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Natural Skin Care Through Your Food Intake! Here`s a Guide for Foods That are Good and Bad for Your Skin


4 good and bad food that will benefit and damage your skin respectively. 

Not only vitamins but skin care products are also being heavily invested by a good amount of people who hope for a ever glowing and healthy skin. However, what's important still comes back to one's diet, that would equally affect their inner health which naturally shows on the outside. So, what are the food we should and should not take for the better of our skin? Check them out below!


1. Pomegranate

- Prevents skin aging

- Helps in skin whitening.

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2. Strawberry

- Prevents freckles. 

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3. Spinach

- Prevents cold

- Helps in fatigue recovery

- Prevents skin aging 

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4. Dark Chocolate

- Helps in blood circulation

- Protects skin from sunlight

- Prevents skin aging

- Aids a deep sleep

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1. Fried foods

- Produce trans fat

- Cause skin inflammation

- Cause skin aging

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2. Food with high amount of sugar

- White rice, food made with flour, sugar etc.

- Cause pimples

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3. Overdosage of caffeine 

- Cortisol from too much caffeine will increase sebum secretion

- Cause skin dryness

- Cause wrinkles 

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4. Alcohol

- Damage immune system

- Expands blood vessel which results in skin inflammation

- Cause pimples, atopy, psoriasis etc.

- May cause skin illness

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Make sure to take good care of your diet for the better of your skin! 

Source: [Youtube] 헬스케어투데이

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