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Craving Problems? Here are 7 Tips to Help You Suppress Your Evil Cravings During Dieting


These 7 tips might be the very help you need for a successful diet.

Its a take to anyone that diet is not the world friendliest thing to do and what makes it harder than the need to control your food intake? That is the devilish cravings. Here are 7 tips you may take into consideration and try out to help in suppressing your cravings. 

1. Gently tap your forehead for 30 seconds.

According to a research that took place in the U.S, one's appetite would be reduced at about 10% if they tap their foreheads. 

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2. Eating foods that are rich in fiber 

Fiber allows one to fill fuller for a longer period of time which result in a smaller or less appetite. In cases where you have something you really want to eat, start on your veggies or fruits first.

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3. Avoid places with food you crave

If you have a regular bakery you visit, avoid them at all cost. If you are passing somewhere that has the food you crave, take another route to go about. 

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4. Gain enthusiasm through pictures that encourage you

Look forward to having a dream body you wish would be a great source of motivation.

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5. Buy or think about the pretty clothes you really want to wear 

Thinking about fitting into or wearing these clothes in your beautiful self as your goal.

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6. Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth helps to suppress the cravings. Toothpaste with strong mint scent helps better too.

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7. Light vanilla scent candles

With the sweet vanilla scent running the place, your craving for sweets will drop at an extent.

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Try these tips out to see if it works for you! 

Source: [Youtube] tvN

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