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Easy Guide on Eyeliner Drawing for Mono or Inner Double Eyelids to Throw Those Eyeliner Problems Away


Eyeliner drawing could be as easy as pie for everyone. 

One of the main makeup element that one wouldn't miss out would be, the eyeliner that changes the volume and feel of one's eye. However, it's not a secret to most that drawing the eyeliner may not always be as smooth as it looks especially for females with mono or inner double eyelid. 

That will no longer with a problem to your make up with the help of this tutorial as it will guide you through the ways of perfecting your eyeliner with no sweat in simple and easy steps. Separating into two main portions, first on 'How to end the tail of your eyeliner,' and second on 'How to draw the center part of your eyelid where the pupils are for it to look good.'

Image Source: Youtube '무쌍이다빈 Been' Screenshot 

Check out the tutorial above and try it out! 

Source: [Youtube] 무쌍이다빈 Been

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