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Trainer Sean Lee Reveals the Top 3 Worst Food for Diet That is Commonly Found in Korea


These 3 foods are a big NO during diet. 

Health trainer Sean Lee previously guested on variety show, 'Star King,' and revealed the 3 foods that one on diet definitely has to avoid. What are they? Check them out below! 

1. Pizza

As compared to a bowl of rice which is of 300kcal, a pan of pizza goes above 1600kcal. This has already went over the average calories intake for a normal adult of 1200kcal per day. 

Image Source: pinterest 

2. Jajangmyeon (Black bean noodle)

A bowl of Jajangmyeon reaches approximately 864kcal per bowl with a huge amount of sugar and sodium used to cook it. 

Image Source:  Hungry Peepor

3. Budae jjigae (Army Stew)

Budae jjigae is a dish made up with high calories ingredient like instant noodles, rice cakes and ham. A serving goes up to 712kcal and 1000kcal if it goes with a bowl of rice.

Image Source: Korean Bapsang

It's cruel...But it's no pain no gain! 

Source: [Youtube] SBSNOW

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