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With Lunar New Year on Its Way, Get the Pinky Peach Look to Start Your February


Get ready to be as sweet as you can be.

Pink would definitely be a choice of color for girls with their makeup when one is looking at a cute or girlish style for the day. Of course, pink is a very common color for blushers as well as eyeshadows too. Having a hard time thinking for a new style for the shade of pink you have? This peach pink tutorial makeup will be here to help! 

With the gradient blush to carry out the cute look, try it out with a match pink eyeshadow too! 

Image Source: Youtube '오늘의 하늘 Ha Neul' Screenshot 

Check out the tutorial above and try it out! 

Source: [Youtube] 오늘의 하늘 Ha Neul

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