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Monolids don`t Look Good with Glasses? It Will Never Be That Case Anymore


Monolids are as charming as double too! 

Monolids can’t pull off makeup as well as double eyelids do? Monolids have less option then double eyelids do? NO WAY. Monolids have their overwhelming series of makeup styling and look too and of course, one of them includes those ‘smart’ look with lensless glasses that every girl should try it out for once. 

This tutorial will help you thorugh a simple yet charming makeup that you can easily follow along that is suitable for a fashion matching glasses. The tutorial also pointed out the dos and don’ts of your makeup to accommodate the glasses you are going to put on at the end of it. 

Image Source: Youtube '무쌍이다빈 Been' Screenshot 

Check out the tutorial above and try it out! 

Source: [Youtube] 무쌍이다빈 Been

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