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7 K-Pop Tracks That will Help You Dance Your Weight Out


7 tracks to help you lose weight in a fun and energetic way. 

Other than the normal gym diet and food control way of dieting, what are the other alternatives to lose weight fun and enjoyable? With K-pop being part of our lives right now, K-pop dances have also been effective in weight loss. It may sound easy to you to be dancing to K-pop, check out the choreography of these 7 tracks to see if you would say the same after. 

1. BTS - DNA 

2. Girls' Generation - Into the New World

3. Red Velvet - Rookie

4. SHINee - Sherlock

5. GFriend - Navillera 

6. SEVENTEEN - Mansae

7. B.A.P - Power

Check out the list in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] FUNNY ENT.

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