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Struggle to Diet in School? Here`s a Tutorial to Help You Do Your Diet Easily in School


Diet is achievable even when you are in school too.

You probably spend most of your 24 hours a day in your school, whether its for classes or activities or just stayed back revision. With limited time to even do any other thing, diet is always deemed impossible when you are in school. Here's a tutorial to help dieting in school bearable. 

1. Always take your breakfast (Recommended: A fruit and a cup of water)

Due to the huge amount of energy you use the moment you start school first thing in the morning, your body tends to use up more energy because of your tired body. With that, you will feel much more hungrier at lunch, which resulted in a huge amount of food intake. 

If you are concern that, "I feel hungrier at lunch after eating breakfast." that's because your body needs time to get use to your breakfast habit. 

2. DO NOT visit the convenience store in your school

How to stop yourself from visiting? Pack some nuts from home. For example, almonds.

3. Have a friend that is on a diet too. 

The both/group of you can help each other control your meals and also do exercise that are available in school together. 

4. Take in only half of what you usually eat on a daily basis when you are on diet

5. Avoid soup-type dishes

Soup will make you crave for rice more.

6. Have a walk for 10-15 minutes after your meal

Watch the video above and try following it through yourselves! 

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Source: [Youtube] Daisy 데이지

Thumbnail Credit: wildtakky37

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