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Sick of Those Flat Ponytail Hairstyles? Change It Over with This Dreamy Ponytail Styling Instead


A dreamy looking ponytail for you in no time! 

Have you always wonder why Korean females especially idols who had their hair tied up in a ponytail style looked so good but is no where near to the ponytail you had? Here's a simple and fast tutorial to help! 

Before getting started, with the help of a curler, curl your hair for it to have an overall wavy look. Wavy hairs help with the volume as compared to your untouched hair. 

1. Use your hands not a comb to gather your hair. This will give off a more natural look than a comb gives off. Tie it as high as you can and take note to not tie them too perfectly. 

Image Source: Youtube '즈하 ROSEHA' Screenshot

2. Tie it up with a rubber band and give a slight pull to the hair on the top of your head. This will prevent your hair from looking flat. 

Image Source: Youtube '즈하 ROSEHA' Screenshot

3. Remove some hair on the side as well. Pin up those fringes that are getting in the way.

Image Source: Youtube '즈하 ROSEHA' Screenshot

Lastly, don't be surprise but some makeup does come in place when required.

4. Using a brush, apply a hair makeup jelly concealer on the place that looked 'bald.'

Image Source: Youtube '즈하 ROSEHA' Screenshot

5. Use a curler to curl the side hair to have a cuter look.

Image Source: Youtube '즈하 ROSEHA' Screenshot

There you have it. Try it out for yourselves too! 

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Source: [Youtube] 로즈하 ROSEHA

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