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The Iconic Korean Style Cute Bangs That You Need to Try It Yourself


Cute Korean style bangs that could commonly be seen on actresses too! 

With this detailed explanation as well as the final recap, you will fall in love with this cute style bangs in no time. All you need is a comb, a flat hair iron and a hairdryer. Let's get started!

1. For the ease of handling only your bangs, tie up your hair, leaving only the bangs out. 

2. Next, tidy out your bangs before getting started. If your bangs don't fall front, take a flat comb and comb it towards the opposite direction to where your hair is heading while using a hair dryer along with it. 

3. Once your bangs stay front, separate the top and bottom of your bangs and use a round brush as you curl the top portion. Use a hair dryer and blow it to create a volume for your bangs. 

Image Source: Youtube '쩡유 JJeong U' Screenshot

4. Use your hands and brush your bangs softly towards both sides to loosen out your bangs. 

5. Here's where the hair iron comes in. Grab the center portion of your bangs and iron them straight before curling in the end part. 

Image Source: Youtube '쩡유 JJeong U' Screenshot

Bonus, to tidy your semi/side bangs, feel free to use the flat iron and pull to towards your desire direction for the neat look. 

Watch the tutorial above and try it for yourselves! 

Source: [Youtube] 쩡유 JJeong U

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