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Have Your Korean Style Low Ponytail with the Help of This Simple Tutorial


The perfect hair for the season.

Through this clear step by step tutorial, you will be able to get your lovely low ponytail in no time. 

1. Using a hair curler, slightly curl your hair to make create the wavy effect on your hair. 

2. Tie them up at your desired height and remember to remove some of the side hairs before tying the rest hair.

3. Pull lightly at your hair after tying to create a soft volume on the back of your hair. Do this, while still holding onto your ponytail.

4. Take a small bunch of hair on one side and curl it strongly with the curler.

5. Using that small set of curled hair, circle it around the hair tie before fastening it with a bobby pin under the ponytail. 

Image Source: Youtube '기우쌤' Screenshot

That's it! Simple, isn't it? Try it out for yourselves while watching the tutorial in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 기우쌤

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