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f(x)`s Luna Helps You Choose Your Fit from Bobbi Brown`s 2017 F/W Collection Lipstick


Luna personally tries out 10 different color lipsticks from Bobbi Brown’s 2017 F/W collection series.

Feeling comfy with the autumn breeze? Whether or not, a change of the season definitely signals an opportunity for a change on you too! Don’t you think so? Sit down with Luna as she tries out 10 different lipsticks from the latest Bobbi Brown Fall/Winter collection and with the help of the subtitles on top of the video, you will be able to identify immediately, the name of your desired color!   

Image Source: YouTube '루나의 알파벳 Luna's Alphabet' Screenshot 

From light pinkish tone to heavier reddish ones, you might just be able to discover the one that fits you best, especially with Luna’s personal test! 

Watch Luna as she tries out 10 different lipsticks in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 루나의 알파벳 Luna's Alphabet

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