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Enjoy the Last Bit of Autumn with This Fall-Themed Makeup


Today, we brought a fall themed makeup tutorial. This makeup will remind people of Autumn because the YouTuber only used color shades that are close to nude. 

First, for base, use a concealer to cover up dark circles and blemishes. Then, use a pact or a foundation cushion for blending and overall base makeup. 

Then, for eyes, use three different nude colored eye shadows. Apply each one at a time and then blend them altogether. And then, use a brown eyebrow pen to draw and then blend the line. 

All Image Source: YouTube '김갈릭 KimGarlic' Screenshot 

For lips, use a coral shaded lipstick for the first touch-up and then use one that is closer to red for the second light touch-up. 

All done! For more specific instructions, watch the video above. Garlic speaks English in this video!

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Source: [Youtube] 김갈릭 KimGarlic 

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