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Complete Cover Makeup Tutorial of Wanna One`s Hwang Minhyun for Men


Today, we brought a cover makeup tutorial of Wanna One's Hwang Minhyun. 

Image Source: YouTube 'groomin' Screenshot 

For base, use a concealer and a foundation that will make your skin tone brighter and fine like Hwang Minhyun's. He has an exceptionally pale and fair skin, so the only way to imitate that would be using a concealer and a light foundation. 

Image Source: YouTube 'groomin' Screenshot 

For eyes, use a liner and draw towards the ends of your eyes to imitate Hwang Minhyun's wide, narrow eyes. Then, use a dark eye shadow to do the blending. 

Image Source: YouTube 'groomin' Screenshot 

For lips, use a coral colored tint or lipstick and softly blend all over your lips.This will make your lips look like Minhyun's naturally colored lips. 

Watch the video above for more specific instructions! 

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Source: [Youtube] Groomin 그루민 

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