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Here is a List of Some Nice and Cheap Beauty Products That will Save Your Day


We are showing you some products a beauty Youtuber bought monthly. Specific descriptions and reviews about the product are in the video, but for convenience, the list of the products is provided below. Enjoy!

★The Saem Garden Pleasure Chamomile Cleansing Tissue: 100 tissues / 3,300 won ★The Saem Garden Pleasure Jasmine Hand Cream: 300ml / 3,300 won ★Goodal Moisture Barrier Fresh Eye Cream: 20ml / 10,000 won ★VDL Expert Color Primer for Eyes 13g / 20,000 won ★A'PIEU To your Shadow No. 2 Selfie Coral 1.9g X 2 / 6,500 won ★A'PIEU Jelly Pong Shadow No.1 4.8g / 5,000 won ★A'PIEU Cheek Chok Blush/ Rooibos Tea Latte, Rasberry Gelato/ 2.3g / 4,500 won ★Innisfree Mineral Highlighter No.2 : 5,000 won ★A'PIEU Gel Like Lip Woodi Scent(RD04): 2g / 5,800 won ★St.Ives Intensive Healing Cranberry&Grapeseed Oil Body Lotion

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Source: [Youtube] 김갈릭 Kim Garlic 

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